07 Apr


Welcome from the team at the Derby Country Market!  Lesley, Val, Betty, Mary, Kathy, Maureen, Sue, Fred and Joan are happy and proud to serve you!

Country Markets Ltd is a co-operative of food and craft producers who sell their goods directly to the public.  It has its roots in the Women’s Institute and nationwide it has a membership of 400 separate markets selling food, crafts and garden produce from more than 12,000 producers.

We pride ourselves on high quality, homemade produce and crafts.  We produce local goods for local people thereby reducing food miles.  Some of the items promote regional foods and crafts thus helping to preserve Derbyshire traditions.

At the Derby Market you will find delicious  preserves and chutnies.  We have cakes, savouries, bread, garden produce and plants.  We can also tempt you with crafts and greetings cards.   It is our aim to offer you a personal, friendly service and good value for money.

Where to find us We are based at The Community Centre, Mickleover, Near Derby.   Open Fridays 10.00 am – 11.30 am.  Come early for the best choice!

Spring is in the air!

We are very much looking forward to continued success in 2009 and we hope to bring new producers on board with an even greater range of products to tempt you.  And do look out for the first of our garden produce as the season gets going.  There is nothing quite like fresh, home-grown fruit and vegetables.

It’s not only the ‘daffs’ that herald spring.  Rhubarb stalks also show us that the season is changing.  Forced rhubarb is available from February onwards and has delicate, pink stems with a less-sharp flavour.  It is grown in large sheds in dark, warm conditions.  The sheds are eerie places, lit by flickering candlelight and it is said that if you are very quiet, you can hear the stalks creak as they grow…..

The Wakefield-Leeds-Morley triangle is known for its rhubarb-growing and the plant has been central to the area’s local economy for 150 years.  The area had a combination of conditions which were necessary to cultivate rhubarb on a large scale: – soil, rainfall, supplies of soot and ash to condition the soil, cheap fuel to heat the sheds as well as a large number of market gardeners. Although its heyday is now past, rhubarb is still flourishing and Wakefield hosts an annual rhubarb festival.

Rhubarb Compote

Make this with early or late season rhubarb. The orange and spices compliment the rhubarb without overpowering the natural flavour.
For 2 people, chop 8ozs (225g) rhubarb into 1-inch (2.5cm) chunks and place in a saucepan. Add the rind and juice of a small orange, ½ level tsp of ground ginger, ½ level tsp ground cinnamon and 2 ozs (50g) sugar.  Gently simmer for 10-20 minutes, until the rhubarb is tender but not too soft and serve with custard.

Did you know?

Rhubarb is an edible stem so it is actually a vegetable.  It originates from the Russian/Chinese border area and was originally used medicinally – as a laxative.  It was first grown in this country in 1760 for scientific purposes.  The leaves are highly poisonous so gardeners beware!

Price List

Producers do not earn large profits from their goods and we do not wish to take advantage of valued customers – many of whom we regard as our friends.  However, we sell good quality homemade produce and our prices have to not only reflect the skills and time we use to produce the goods but also the costs of the materials and ingredients.  Please be assured that any price increases are very carefully considered and we do not exceed the recommendations in the Country Markets Ltd Producers Handbook.

Fun Food Quiz (answers at foot of the page)

1.        What ingredient is used to make caramel?

2.       Which part of a chicken has the least fat?

3.       What is the main ingredient of Guacamole?

4.       What is Stinking Bishop?

5.       What is the most expensive spice in the world?

6.       Baking powder is made from baking soda and what else?

7.       What is Japanese Sushi made from?

8.       How many portions of fruit and veg are we advised to eat every day?

9.       Which city had a famous tea party?

10.    What term describes a pastry case being baked prior to adding the filling?


We are happy to receive regular orders for your favourite items and we can make up special orders such as celebration cakes.  We can also offer hampers of home-produced goods, tailor-made to your requirements and delivered to the door.

These make ideal gifts for friends and relatives but are also useful if you are unable to get to a Country Market yourself.

Arranging for delivery is easy. Simply contact Country Markets Head Office by phone (01246 261508) or e-mail info@country-markets.co.uk with details of the delivery address.  They will then provide you with the contact details of the nearest participating Country Market so that you can make all the necessary arrangements.

If the ‘Derby’ (Mickleover Community Centre) Country Market is your nearest market, come along to see us to discuss your requirements. The service is flexible.  You can discuss how much you would like to pay, what you would like to be included, any likes and dislikes of the recipient and whether or not you would like a gift card to be included.  There is a small charge for delivery and it is helpful if you give as much notice as possible.

Need a card for a special occasion?

As well as taking orders for food specials, our producers are happy to make cards for special occasions.  So if you would like a special occasion card or a birthday card with a personalised message, we can help.  We can even make cards for your special pets…..


Whilst we wholeheartedly support the need to reduce packaging, the Country Market is subject to regulations about how the goods are displayed and sold to customers.  However, if you bring your own re-usable shopping bag to the market, we can reduce the number of plastic carrier bags used.  For jams and other preserves, we are very grateful to those customers who regularly bring jam jars.  Thank you and keep up the good work!

Your Views Count

We are at the market to serve you so if you have any comments or suggestions, please talk to us!  We value your feedback and are always looking for ways to improve the market.

Answers Food Quiz:1.Sugar 2.Breast 3.Avocado 4. Cheese 5. Saffron 6. Cream of Tartar 7. Raw fish 8. Five 9. Boston, 10. Blind

Thank you for your support and please don’t hesitate to ask us for extra copies of the Newsletter for your friends and neighbours.